Hi and welcom.

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Hi and welcom.

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:35 pm

Hi !

Before all, i would like to say sorry for my mistakes in english. I am from france so i try to deal with the poor vocabulary my last english teacher gave me. Smile

Why a forum ?
I think its a good oportunity to have a guild forum. It offerts the possibilities to meet other guild members and create some link between each others. In another hand, it helps to show the diferent point of view from the diferent guild members and this for help to make the guild progress ....
I could talk longer ... but i got already enough problem to write in english so i ll stop here for this part. Razz

How can i have the private part acces ?
- You need to get register and send me a message Ingame to confirm me that its your real account.
You ll have to write on this message : I confirm the account named : Efiriele on the forum.
After this, i ll go on forum and give you acces to the guild private part of the forum.

I got other questions ?
- Write them here, a guild master or myself will try to answer as fast as possible.


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